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AABF Honorable Herbert Gee Memorial Scholarship Application Deadline

  • 5 Sep 2018

The Asian American Bar Foundation of Houston, Inc. seeks to award a $3,000 scholarship in honor of the late Judge Herbert W. Gee, who was Associate Presiding Judge for the City of Houston Municipal Courts, a founding member and Past President of the Asian American Bar Association, and a recipient of the 2010 AABA Impact Award. The 2018 AABF Honorable Herbert W. Gee Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to an individual applicant who best embodies the spirit of the late Judge Gee who (1) was dedicated to serving the public, (2) supported the Asian American community in the greater Houston area, and (3) exemplified intelligence, generosity and leadership in his everyday life. The foregoing criteria may be weighed in any order as determined by the AABF.

To be eligible, an applicant must be (1) a member of the AABA, (2) enrolled in an ABA accredited law school in Texas, and (3) intend to reside and seek employment in the greater Houston metropolitan area after graduation. Applicants should submit application packages containing the following information to the Scholarship/Grant Committee, where applicable:

1. Name of applicant

2. Contact information (name, address, telephone number, e-mail address)

3. Name of school

4. School address and contact information for registrar’s office

5. Degree sought

6. Expected graduation date

7. Copy of transcript, GPA and class rank (if available) or other proof of enrollment at an ABA-accredited law school in Texas

8. Educational background

9. Course work, clinics or other relevant extracurricular activities at current or previous schools relevant to AABF’s purposes listed above

10. Employment history (if any)

11. Employment experience relevant to the criteria listed above

12. Community and volunteer experience relevant to criteria listed above

13. Involvement with Asian American community relevant to criteria listed above 

14. Leadership experience relevant to criteria listed above

15. Independent research or publications relevant to criteria listed above

16. Awards, honors, scholarships received

17. Other activities, hobbies, skills, positions held in any organizations, etc.

18. Any other information that applicant desires to provide to assist in the application process

19. Cover letter stating how the applicant demonstrates or embodies the criteria set forth above 

The scholarship recipient will receive a $3,000 scholarship to help cover tuition and academic expenses and 1 ticket to the Asian American Bar Association of Houston’s annual gala, to be held October 5, 2018, where the scholarship will be presented. The scholarship recipient is required to submit a final report at the following year updating the AABF on the status of the recipient’s studies and activities and how the scholarship has helped the recipient.

Scholarship applicants are advised to use these application guidelines as a reference and checklist to ensure that all necessary information is provided with the original application package. The AABF Scholarship/Grant Committee may contact applicants if additional information is required, but the Scholarship/Grant Committee reserves the right to disqualify application packages from consideration if key information is not included. The AABF reserves the right to subdivide the scholarship or increase the number of scholarships in its sole discretion.

Application packages must be postmarked no later than September 5, 2018, and mailed to the following address:

Asian American Bar Foundation of Houston, Inc. 

Attn: Scholarship/Grant Committee

P.O. Box 1351

Houston, Texas 77252

Applications may also be emailed to Dat Tran at

2018 AABF Herbert Gee Memorial Scholarship Application.pdf

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